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Old Official Forum » Projects » X3 map by Scorp » X3R map, STO(sector takeover) and A.R.E.S
X3R map, STO(sector takeover) and A.R.E.S
DespairDate: Saturday, 2010-06-05, 1:39 AM | Message # 1
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I just recently installed the STO and ARES scripts and about a week after that I went to use the map and I got the "not enough timers message " and the " " is not a valid integer" messages. I tracked that down in a german forum and saw a thread that mentioned the use of semi colons in a name. I double checked all the names thinking ARES might have used one but no such luck. So I uninstalled the map and reinstalled it after some headscratching, I had forgot about editing the reg edit file

I started it up and loaded my game map but when it displayed my map, it stopped at Argon Prime and showed no more sectors except for one above KE at -1,-1 but it wouldn't give me any information about it. So I shut it down and when I try to start it again I get the same errors.
I used STO to take over Farnham's but that still leaves The Wall in between and I haven't heard of any problems with ARES and the map. And the " is not a valid integer message? I went through the log for a few sectors staring at Argon Prime but I could not see anything blatantly obvious. Anyone else have a similar problem?
Old Official Forum » Projects » X3 map by Scorp » X3R map, STO(sector takeover) and A.R.E.S
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