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Old Official Forum » Projects » Video Thumbnails Maker by Scorp » Bad Concept!
Bad Concept!
nonanDate: Saturday, 2008-10-04, 5:02 PM | Message # 1
Group: Users
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Using Microsoft software, especially NET, is strategically a very poor idea.

NET is not only bulky, but it loads with Windows XP whether needed or not, and there is no way to prevent this short of removing it all together.

Slowing down PCs is what Microsoft does best.
Why would you patronize them?
Why would you give them your money?
Why would you inflict Bill Gates' malware on others?
Can't you guys program your own code?

Try using DELPHI.
It's full-featured and malware-free.
It doesn't intrude on the user.
Borland has a sterling reputation.
Can you say that about Microsoft?

I doubt it.
Nice product you have.
It's a shame I can't use it.
WON'T use it.

Bad decision you made.
Bad concept.


suu-designDate: Sunday, 2008-10-05, 2:29 AM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
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He-he smile
Personally i like C++ and C++ Builder. I can create nice unmanage code using them. Just look at the X3 map by Scorp. It is written in C++ under C++ Builder.

I must admit C# (.Net platform) has some advantages - very handy IDE (MS VS) and easy-to-write, clever language.

Surely i've discovered some problems with C# (handling exceptions from unmanaged to managed code is not possible in some cases + some security issues). So i rather doubt I'll use C# in my solid projects again.
I think C# suits perfectly for easy stand-alone applications and for Web-projects (services).

For the low-level applications (engines) i should use unmanaged code.

Old Official Forum » Projects » Video Thumbnails Maker by Scorp » Bad Concept!
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