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Old Official Forum » Projects » Video Thumbnails Maker by Scorp » Thanks for the update :)
Thanks for the update :)
enderDate: Tuesday, 2008-11-11, 5:17 AM | Message # 1
Group: Users
Messages: 25
Status: Offline
It looks like you addressed pretty much all the bugs I bugged you about in this latest update.

I appreciate the work you put into this. Your prog really is one of, if not the, best thumbnail app out there right now, and it's awesome that you make it available for free.

Anyway, I went ahead and donated a little something to thank you for keeping up the great work and for being more responsive than the developers of most paid apps.

Hope all is well smile

1l1ll1l1Date: Sunday, 2008-12-14, 12:34 PM | Message # 2
Group: Users
Messages: 7
Status: Offline
yea, hey,

One thing that i noticed,

If you do a update,

its will be nice, if we can see the Full path of the Name,

I mean, When i did my Thumbnails, i will appreciate to see, all the name Directory, where the files is...

Exemple : E:/ David/ Video For School/ Electricity Documentation 1/ How to setup a 3 phase 600V industrial Motor

This Long Name Directory, I cant See it full, in youre Programme, its that normal ???

Old Official Forum » Projects » Video Thumbnails Maker by Scorp » Thanks for the update :)
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