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Old Official Forum » Projects » X3 map by Scorp » Features suggestion
Features suggestion
DricksDate: Wednesday, 2008-04-09, 2:02 PM | Message # 1
Group: Users
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First i would say, great job on this tool smile

But as any software, there is always something to add...
So :

a) Would it be possible to add a tooltip information on the 3D View to show what the cursor is actually hovering?

b) Would it be possible to select objets by clicking on them in the 3D View?

c) Show (if not all) at least our own ships (with sectors highlighted when one of our ship is in it, as well as hilighted station when one or more of our ship is docked in)

d) If c), add a Ship Search engine, based on the ship name (as the player is able to set it's own ship name), the ship type and the identifier (like ATETB-06 )

Again, great job and thanks.


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suu-designDate: Wednesday, 2008-04-16, 12:26 PM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
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Hi, Dricks.
Tnx for the reply smile

There were no plans of adding ships into the map (except of free ships).
So the only thing you can do is to use bonus "Find Ships" script rigth in the game.
But i`m going to analyze what i can do with player`s ships. If i`ll find an elegant solution - i`ll add that information to the map.

3DView "backtracking" and hovering - there were no plans about it also. I think it is quite useless (much efforts for the small effect).

Best regards,

Old Official Forum » Projects » X3 map by Scorp » Features suggestion
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